Operator’s Training Course for the


“XTreme Long Distance™” Rifle


September 4-6, 2015

CheyTac USA, LLC is excited to announce we will be conducting Training Courses for the CheyTac USA, LLC XLD “XTreme Long Distance™” Rifle using .375 Caliber. The course is designed to provide the proper basic marksmanship fundamentals to effectively manipulate every aspect of the XLD Rifle System, along with instructions for using the complete accessories, such as the Trimble Nomad Ballistic Computer, Kestrel 4500 NV w/Horus Ballistic Calculator, and Optics.  Upon completion of this course, you will have the skill set to engage targets at extreme ranges using the XTreme Long Distance™ Rifle.

We have teamed up with the Legion Operator Training Group located at 200 Sherman Road, in Blakely, GA to conduct a 3-Day Training Course for classes to begin in February 2015, and continue throughout the year.  The Training Course, Cabin Lodging, Meals, and 100 Rounds of Ammunition per student is provided for a very reasonable cost of $1,350.00 per student.  Class size is limited to 4 people, so sign up today.  Should you desire a personal one-on-one instruction, we can schedule that class for an additional charge.

The following is what is included in the training course:

CheyTac USA, LLC  3-Day Operator’s Training Course at:
Legion Operator Training Group
200 Sherman Road, Blakely, GA
$1,350.00 Per Student

CheyTac USA will furnish use of the following Items:

  • CheyTac USA, LLC XLD “XTreme Long Distance™” Rifle – .375 Caliber
  • Optics
  • Trimble Nomad Ballistic Computer
  • Kestrel 4500 NV w/Horus Ballistic Calculator
  • 100 Rounds of Ammunition per person

You Can Bring Your Own Rifle and Accessories if you Choose, but it is not required.

Legion Operator Training Group:

  • 3-Day (2 Nights) Cabin Lodging
  • Includes Meals
  • Range Fees


How to participate in the course:

Step 1: Release of Liability

Download the attached release of liability to be eligible for the course:
Click here to download the Release of Liability Form

Step 2: Submission for review

Submit the form for review by:

Please complete the form in full. If you have access to a scanner, you can complete the form, scan it and email it back to us.

Fax: 229-686-1941
Please complete the form in full. If you have access to a fax, you can complete the form and fax it us directly.

Step 3: Payment

After signing the release of liability form, and have received confirmation of acceptance we will contact you and email you with a link where you can pay for your training course.
You can also click here to proceed to the payment page — IMPORTANT: Do NOT make payment until you have received confirmation that you have been accepted into the course.

“Thanks for a “once in a lifetime” experience. The recent “COOP Top Shot” event gave me the opportunity to spend a couple of days with my youngest son. Our family has always enjoyed the outdoors and I introduced both of my sons to hunting at a young age. To see the expression on my son’s face after hitting a target at over a mile – not once but three times – was priceless!! Thank you guys for making this possible for both of us!!”
-Robert Rentfrow, Georgia