Expanding Safeguards, Service, and Accuracy

Expanding Safeguards, Service, and Accuracy Date: March 24, 2017 Published by: CheyTac Management Team We at CheyTac USA, LLC have a mission and responsibility to produce industry-leading, long range firearms.  We have delivered on that mission as The M200 Intervention continues to set distance and accuracy records all over the world.  We are extremely proud…read more

Greater Accuracy and Reliability

When you’re in the field, you have to be able to rely on all of your gear, otherwise it’s almost guaranteed you’ll run into issues. At CheyTac, our mission is to provide long range rifles that can be counted on in any situation, and with the M300 Intervention®, you’ll have a rifle that is both…read more

Find a New Scope for Your Rifle

Every rifle owner has a scope they prefer, either due to the clarity, the magnifying power, or another feature, but what’s most important is that they’re comfortable using it every time they shoot the gun. At CheyTac USA, we’re proud to be able to offer the best tactical scopes on the market, and help each…read more

The M200 Intervention® Infographic

The M200 Intervention® is a revolutionary long range rifle, and shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement, and special forces have all found it to to be reliable and accurate. At CheyTac®, we believe in providing our customers with the very best, and the infographic below shows why the M200 is one of the most unique rifle systems…read more

Get Fully Equipped With New Sniper Gear

If you’re a seasoned shooter, then you know how important it is to have the proper sniper gear every time you go to the range, into combat, or into the wilderness. At CheyTac®, we believe in providing you with the very best optics, magazines, bullet casings, and more, no matter if you’re a veteran shooter…read more

Reliable Ammunition for Long Range Shooting

At CheyTac, we believe in providing the highest quality of products, no matter if it’s a long range rifle or the ammunition that goes with it. We know there are a number of choices when it comes to long distance rifles and ammo, but we’ve seen how effective our ammunition can be when used for…read more

March Newsletter

  March 2016  Another CheyTac Record I’m pleased to announce that on November 22nd, 2015, renowned distance shooter Jim Spinella hit a 36” plate at 4210 yards (which is 2.4 miles) using a .375 CheyTac rifle and our standard factory ammunition. That’s correct, our standard system just set another world record and you can buy…read more

A Novel Armor-Piercing (AP) Projectile Design

Illustrated by the .408 CheyTac® Caliber A novel armor-piercing projectile design with a tungsten carbide penetrator is described (US Patent 7,520,224 B2). For testing the novel design, a 40 caliber was selected in the .408 CheyTac® configuration. The new armor-piercing cartridge was tested against steel and titanium armor and it outperformed .50 AP (Black Tip…read more

Origin of the .408 CheyTac®

The .408 CheyTac® Cartridge: Its Origin, Firing Platforms and the Future© The .408 CheyTac® cartridge and military firing platform (CheyTac® Model 200, Intervention) have received a great deal of attention as the star in the movie, SHOOTER, up and coming Batman Vs Superman and the following TV programs: “Law & Order, Criminal Intent (The Albatross)”, Discovery Channel, “Future…read more

Balance Flight

Projectile Stabilization for Increased Distance and Accuracy Balance Flight is a new design approach for projectile (bullet) – in all calibers manufacturing. In order to obtain maximum performance from the design, the projectile must be fired though a barrel with special lands and groove configurations. Cartridges with these projectiles are more accurate and travel farther…read more