For purchasing firearms or suppressors from CheyTac, we ask that you understand and follow the following government regulations:

When purchasing a firearm or suppressor; please provide us with the name and address of a local dealership that holds a current FFL near your residence. Once your firearm is assembled, we will ship your  firearm to that licensed FFL dealer. As a buyer, you will take possession of your firearm from that licensed dealer. The licensed dealer in your State of residence is responsible for completing the necessary ATF paperwork and conducting the NICS background check. 

If you purchase a suppressor, when we transfer the suppressor (a further controlled item)… there is an extra form that is completed (ATF-Form 3) that requires special approval from the ATF/ NSA. For this form to be completed, you must fill out this questionnaire below by providing your local FFL’s employer Identification Number, FFL License number, and other important information. Again, the transfer is only to a licensed FFL dealer in your State. That approval typically takes at least 2 months to clear that agency.

Suppressor Purchase Questionnaire