“XTreme Long Distance™” Rifle

The CheyTac® USA, LLC’s XLD “XTreme Long Distance™” rifle Family. This newest line of rifles is available chambered in .408 CT, .375 CT, .338 Lapua, .300 Win Mag and .308 Winchester with other calibers per request.



Adjustable Recoil Pad with Thumb Wheel

CheyTac® USA, LLC XLD Chassis System

CheyTac USA offers the XLD Chassis System independently to provided shooters a modern option over there existing stock or custom rifle build.

Developing products to meet demands of Extreme Long Distance Shooters

CheyTac USA, LLC has invested a great deal of time and research to develop new products to meet the demands of Extreme Long Distance Shooters.  We are excited to offer our new XLD  “XTreme Long Distance™” line of rifles and chassis to our customers who strive for excellence in the shooting sport.

Pricing Options

Domestic Pricing Only

XLD .408 M300 Intervention ®


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XLD .375 M300 Intervention ®

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XLD .338 Perses ®


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XLD .300 Vidar ®

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XLD .308 Safeside ®

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  • Action Type: Bolt Action
  • Caliber: 408 CheyTac/.375 CheyTac
  • Barrel Length: 29 inch barrel standard/custom length available
  • Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Stock: Adjustable
  • Custom Case included with 1 magazine

Features include:

  • Lightweight aluminum chassis with built in V Block design
  • Extra rail space for accessories and attachments
  • Highly effective Muzzle Break to manage recoil
  • Fluted barrel for rigidity and light weight
  • Heat dispersion design, minimizes thermal rising from trapped heat in forend
  • 40 MOA Optic Rail
  • Fully adjustable stock to meet individual shooter needs
  • Ergonomic pistol grip. Accepts AR style Pistol Grip
  • Stock is easily removed for compact storage
  • 7 Round Box Magazine.
  • Adjustable target trigger
  • Sling mounting flush cups

Cerakote Finish: ArmorBlack (BLK) standard.

Special Order Colors:  Flat Dark Earth (FDE), OD Green (OD), Nordic Gray (NG), Tungsten (TG)

Kryptek® Camouflage also available