Expanding Safeguards, Service, and Accuracy

Expanding Safeguards, Service, and Accuracy

Date: March 24, 2017

Published by: CheyTac Management Team

We at CheyTac USA, LLC have a mission and responsibility to produce industry-leading, long range firearms.  We have delivered on that mission as The M200 Intervention continues to set distance and accuracy records all over the world.  We are extremely proud of our record of accuracy, dependability in the field, and overall system safety.

It is also our responsibility to protect our long-standing brand and reputation from competitors that are infringing on the CheyTac name.  We do not agree with their marketing and sales approach, or views being expressed.

We have a responsibility to our customers to enable their enjoyment of our systems while ensuring absolute safety.  We have strict policies that define how, when and where CheyTac branded products appear, and we must ensure that our policies, customer promise, and gun owner safety work as intended. Recently we’ve seen a number of cases where other brands and marketers are misrepresenting our product; and we are not aligned with their advertising, values, and safety policies. This is not acceptable and we are conducting a complete review of the marketplace to make sure our brand and safety messages are properly represented.

Raising the Bar for the CheyTac System

CheyTac has acquired a new production facility in Charleston, S.C., within 30 miles of the Charleston Air Force Base.  This represents a significant leap forward to access industry-leading talent and manufacturing capabilities in pool machining and ballistics expertise.

Highest Quality Manufacturing

  • Today, we have multiple advanced technologies and components, such as our receivers, milled and manufactured right in our new Charleston facility. This has cut the production time of our firearms down significantly.
  • In addition, our receivers and our chambering process have been enhanced to further distance ourselves from the competition. Anyone firing our new system will continue to experience the most accurate and highest performing shots ever recorded.  But firearms are not the only product we’ve improved – our brass in also brand new.

Highest Quality Ammunition

As CheyTac loyalists know, the supply of quality brass for CheyTac .375 and .408 ammunition has been limited.  For the last decade, there have been no more than two manufacturers of these brass casings in the world.  I’m pleased to report that challenge is over; CheyTac now produces the best ammunition with world leading brass.

  • Quality brass matters, especially with the pressure our system exerts. Our clients are verifying this as calls are pouring praising our new ammo.  We welcome all of your calls and correspondence – our service is personal, and we’re focused on doing everything we can to build and protect your experience and enjoyment of our systems.

Investing in our Future – Next Generation Systems

  • In November of 2016, CheyTac received additional investment capital and installed entirely new management. CheyTac will continue to invest in next-generation systems, to improve customer care, fulfill customer orders more quickly, and invest in the CheyTac global brand promise. CheyTac will continue to deliver superior technology and unparalleled performance.  Management stands by our products and we intend to deliver the best firearms in the world in a timely, professional fashion.

We believe a combination of these new investments in our advanced systems, our personalized service to better meet your needs, and our ramped-up policies and controls significantly strengthen our ability to help our customers enjoy CheyTac products.  We will continue to act swiftly to put all these policies in place.  For CheyTac, there is nothing more important than the trust we have built with our customers. Safety is an ongoing commitment for us and will continue to listen to your feedback.

Thank you to our all of our loyal customers.  Look to hear much more from CheyTac in the coming months. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and our website.


Make every shot count,

CheyTac Management