Greater Accuracy and Reliability

M300 Intervention® Long Range Rifle from CheyTac USAWhen you’re in the field, you have to be able to rely on all of your gear, otherwise it’s almost guaranteed you’ll run into issues. At CheyTac, our mission is to provide long range rifles that can be counted on in any situation, and with the M300 Intervention®, you’ll have a rifle that is both accurate and reliable. The M300 features all of the standard capabilities of the M200, but boasts full-length Picatinny rails at three, six, nine, and 12 o’clock positions, giving you accurate mounting every time. This modern sniper rifle is constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber, making it lightweight and easy to carry between vantage points.

Accuracy at Long Range

Retaining accuracy and clarity at long range should be the focus of any rifle, and the M300 is effective at 2500 yards and beyond. With the use of a proper scope, your target will be easy to spot, even if you’re more than a mile away. The fully adjustable buttstock and adjustable pistol grip allows you to position your hand and shoulder as necessary, and fire your rifle comfortably every single time. Each M300 comes with a seven-round detachable box magazine, and when loaded with high-quality CheyTac ammo, each shot will fly straight and true.

If you’re searching for a new long range rifle for law enforcement or military use, take the time to view the M300 Intervention today. There is a six-month lead time on this rifle, but you’ll know that you’re getting the very best from a company that’s dedicated to producing accurate and reliable firearms.