Get Fully Equipped With New Sniper Gear

If you’re a seasoned shooter, then you know how important it is to have the proper sniper gear every time you go to the range, into combat, or into the wilderness. At CheyTac®, we believe in providing you with the very best optics, magazines, bullet casings, and more, no matter if you’re a veteran shooter or someone that’s new to it. Without the proper gear, your shot accuracy and consistency could be compromised, and regardless of where you are, that isn’t acceptable. Your rifle should be an extension of your body, and you should be comfortable with every component and accessory it has.

What Gear Does CheyTac Offer?

Every rifle that we sell is unique, from the M200 Intervention® to the M300 Lightweight Aluminum model. Each comes with an adjustable contoured hand grip and can be customized in the color of your choice. However, only with the best gear can you hope to get the most out of your long range rifle. With a suppressor, not only will the shot report be reduced, but trials have shown that accuracy can be improved, albeit only slightly. A retractable tactical bipod will give you the steadiness you need, especially if you’re situated on uneven ground. Finally, and perhaps most obviously, your scopes are your best friends in the field, because without them you’d be hard pressed to hit anything.

If you’re searching for new sniper gear and accessories, select the very best by visiting CheyTac. You can find casings and shell plates so you can reload your own ammo, as well as an advanced ballistic computer that will help analyze variables involved with shots over 1,000 yards. We believe in helping every shooter Seize The Distance®.