Reliable Ammunition for Long Range Shooting

Long Range Rifle Ammo from CheyTacAt CheyTac, we believe in providing the highest quality of products, no matter if it’s a long range rifle or the ammunition that goes with it. We know there are a number of choices when it comes to long distance rifles and ammo, but we’ve seen how effective our ammunition can be when used for long range shooting, regardless of the rifle you choose. One of our bestsellers is our .375 cartridge, due to its flat trajectory, which makes it the perfect ammo for the 2000-yard ranges. As evidenced by the image to the right, the .375 is an ideal choice, and this particular shooter was able to make 13 consecutive hits on a 36-inch at 2300 yards. That’s approximately 1.3 miles, with the bullet fighting the wind the entire way.

A Lightweight Ammo Option

The .375 cartridge is obviously lighter than a cartridge like the .408, but it remains accurate up to at least 2300 yards. We tested it at 4200 yards, or approximately 2.3 miles, but the shooter was unable to hit the target with consecutive shots. Why is that? The reason is, the longer the projectile is in flight, the longer it must fight the wind. A lighter bullet, such as the .375, can’t fight the wind as effectively as the .408, making it a less reliable option over greater distances. However, at 2000 to 2300 yards, it is the perfect lightweight ammo option.

If you’re a long range competitive shooter, or you’re looking for ammo that’s ideal for hunting at 2000 yards, make CheyTac’s .375 cartridge your first and only choice.