March Newsletter


March 2016 

Another CheyTac Record

I’m pleased to announce that on November 22nd, 2015, renowned distance shooter Jim Spinella hit a 36” plate at 4210 yards (which is 2.4 miles) using a .375 CheyTac rifle and our standard factory ammunition. That’s correct, our standard system just set another world record and you can buy that system at

This shot follows the .408 CheyTac hit in the Second Battle of Fallujah that covered 1.5 miles. The .375 CheyTac projectile is lighter than the .408 CheyTac projectile and can cover greater distances.  When combined with our Balanced Flight patented design the distance and accuracy that the CheyTac system can achieve is truly astonishing, as Spinella just validated.

Private Stock Inventory & .375 Ammo for Sale

CheyTac is proud to offer the first ever sale of our private stock inventory.  These are one of a kind, custom builds on the CheyTac branded platform.  Both .375 and .408 caliber systems are available and many come with optics. There is a very limited supply. Place your purchase now at also have both .375 and .408 ammo available for purchase on our site.  Orders will be filled and shipped promptly.
CheyTac News    

The capability of the CheyTac system is well established and has been for many years. Our patented technological designs and craftsmanship have allowed our firearms and ammo to continuously set records. However, our precise methods presented challenges as many of the materials needed for production were difficult to consistently source. That is no longer the case.

CheyTac has been under new management for several months and we have been extremely busy closing alliances and adding capabilities, especially with our match grade ammo. We act with the highest integrity and intend to set the ethical standard in this industry.  We have made internal organizational changes and we are stringently protecting our trademark and intellectual property, which were violated by many parties. We’ve contacted those parties and I’m pleased to report in those instances where we had to file claims we have been 100% successful in securing our patents and trademarks. I want to thank Sean Raft, our General Counsel, for his efforts with these matters. Defending the CheyTac name not only serves our company but it protects the investment you have made in CheyTac products. Our clients know there is only one true CheyTac!

I’d also like to announce that Marc Jamison has joined the CheyTac team. Marc is the founder of Jamison International and he will be an incredible asset to the company.  Marc’s knowledge will help CheyTac continue to raise the bar in the firearms industry.

Best wishes,

Dennis Omanoff