CheyTac USA to Host Exclusive Operator’s Training Course Featuring XLD™ XTreme Long Distance Rifle

Participants will experience introduction to long range shooting with world-renowned firearm system

Nashville, GA (August 10, 2015) – CheyTac USA, LLC (“CheyTac”) today announced the dates of its XLD™ XTreme Long Distance Rifle Operator’s Training Course. The course will take place over three days, September 4-6, at Legion Operator Training Group utilizing the XLD™ XTreme Long Distance Rifle in .375 caliber only. Limited to 4 people, the training course also includes cabin lodging, meals and 100 rounds of ammunition per person.

The class is designed to take an individual with little or no experience through the proper basic marksmanship fundamentals required to learn how to effectively manipulate every aspect of the XLD™ Rifle System, along with the Trimble Nomad Ballistic Computer, Kestrel 4500 NV w/Horus Ballistic Calculator, and Optics. Upon completion of the course, participants possess the skill set to engage targets at extreme ranges using the XLD™ XTreme Long Distance Rifle.

The XLD™ is the latest in our line of long distance rifles and the perfect system for those looking for a solid foundation on which to build their extreme long distance shooting skills or hunting.

With one of the best long distance shooting facilities in the country, Legion Operator Training Group is our number one pick for this type of instruction and we look forward to an on-going partnership.

For more information and future training course dates, visit

About CheyTac USA, LLC
CheyTac USA, LLC, located in Nashville, GA, is the leading manufacturer of the world record setting, long-distance bolt action rifle, the M200 Intervention®. The .408 M200 Intervention®, has been featured in the movies “Shooter” and “Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance,” as well as in the video games “Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2”, “Call of Duty Online” and “Homefront”. CheyTac USA’s rifle and ammunition systems have evolved to include the new M300 Intervention®, built with a carbon fiber chassis, available in both .375 and .408 caliber and the All Aluminum XLD™ XTreme Long Distance Chassis System.

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