CheyTac USA, LLC Releases the New XLD “Xtreme Long Distance™” Model Rifle

R&D Efforts Lead to Introduction of New Rifle from Internationally-Recognized Firearm Company

Nashville, GA (March 19, 2015) – CheyTac USA, LLC (“CheyTac USA”) proudly announces its newest advanced rifle system, the XLD “Xtreme Long Distance™” Model Rifle, which is manufactured by CheyTac USA and is specially-designed for the avid long distance hunter and sports enthusiast.

Starting with the front of the rifle, the Recoil Management System has been revamped, including a new Muzzle Break design that reduces the overall recoil of CheyTac USA’s largest calibers. Additionally, the XLD boasts a sleek and low-profile appearance.

In the XLD, CheyTac USA has taken critical field applications into consideration and has subsequently crafted a heat dispersion design that redirects trapped heat in the fore-end thus helping to eliminate thermals from rising and affecting the scope. Other key features of the XLD Model Rifle are adjustments on the rear of the chassis system, including the “length of pull” slider adjustment, adjustable thumbwheel cheek piece and an adjustable up/down recoil pad.

CheyTac USA’s XLD “Xtreme Long Distance™” Model Rifles are available in short or long action chassis and in the following calibers: .408, .375, .338 Lapua, .300 WinMag, and.308 Winchester. Customers can choose from standard colors, including Armor Black, Tan and OD Green. Optional colors and camouflage patterns can be purchased as part of a custom rifle or chassis system. The chassis system can be purchased independently or as a complete firearm system.

About CheyTac USA, LLC
CheyTac USA, LLC is the leading manufacturer of the world record setting, long-distance bolt action rifle, the M200 Intervention®. The .408 M200 Intervention®, has been featured in the movies “Shooter” and “Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance,” as well as in the video games “Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2”, “Call of Duty Online” and “Homefront”. CheyTac USA’s rifle and ammunition systems have evolved to include the new M300 Intervention®, built with a carbon fiber chassis, available in both .375 and .408 caliber. The new CheyTac USA XLD (“Xtreme Long Distance™”) Rifle is manufactured by CheyTac USA, including the chassis, which is designed to accommodate all CheyTac USA ammunition types.

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