Elite Sniper Team Announces Success at 2014 International Sniper Competition

Team Member Mark Fields Sites CheyTac SafeSide .308 for Accurate Zeroing Throughout Competition

Nashville, GA (November 4, 2014) – Mark Fields, Pentagon ERT Counter Sniper, participated in the 2014 International Sniper Competition from October 20-24 at Fort Benning. As part of a 2-man team, Fields partnered with U.S. Army Sniper Chris Rance. Their team placed in the middle of the elite field, which included competitors from around the world.

Fields used the CheyTac SafeSide .308 with a Leupold Mark6 and H59 Reticle for the competition. Although he has been operating the rifle and accessories for a year, this event marked the first time that Fields used the CheyTac SafeSide .308 in a competitive environment.

“The competition was challenging,” said Fields. “It tested our equipment and validated our training… I found better ways to train and push myself and equipment.”

Accurate zeroing is a crucial component of managing bullet trajectory and accuracy of both incline and decline shooting. With the difficulty of the International Sniper Competition, Fields relied heavily on the performance of the SafeSide .308, saying that “the rifle was accurate from the zeroing on day one to the last drill on the last day.”

“We learned more efficient ways to communicate and get the job done,” Fields continued, “under extremely short time limits with other added stressors.”

The official results for the 2014 International Sniper Competition will be released in the near future at armysniper.org.

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