CheyTac USA, LLC Now 100% USA

CHEYTAC USA, LLC announced today that we have chosen “Ashbury Precision Ordinance” for the M300 Intervention® chassis in both .408CT and .375CT, CheyTac USA, LLC will also offer  “Ashbury Precision  Ordnance” chassis for the X-long, Long and short action rifles. .  Cheytac USA, LLC has terminated its relationship with Cadex International due to a dispute with the Company.  The Operating Manager of Cheytac USA, LLC  has written Cadex notifying them of the termination of the relationship stating:

Please keep in mind the trademarks and patents owned by Cheytac USA, LLC will be protected and enforced to the full extent possible.” 

CheyTac USA, LLC is proud to announce: We are now 100% MADE IN THE USA